What is the best Mattress – A buying guide

Adjustable Mattress – Back Pain Relief with Adjustable Mattress

Millions of people suffer from back pains that are caused by sleeping on an improper mattress. As a mattress gets older, it develops pressure points from the springs inside it and creates and uneven surface. The pressure points cause the back pain on the body.

The optimum surface to sleep on is the one that provides even support to the entire length of the body. The curves on the body should be supported adequately so as to maintain a proper sleeping posture. When we buy a new spring mattress, it has more or less an even surface and seems to be pretty comfortable. However, as the time passes and the mattress becomes older, the top layer of the mattress also hardens to loses shape. As a result, the springs from inside the mattress and the body do not have any cushion between them. Since all parts of the body are not supported evenly by the springs one starts developing the back pains and muscle aches.

The adjustable mattresses are now proving themselves as one of the best ways to prevent back aches. The memory foam mattresses take the shape of the body and supports the entire length of the body thereby providing an optimum sleep all through the night.

Some people find the body depressions made on the memory foam mattresses a little uncomfortable. This is because, when a person tries to roll over, the memory foam mattresses take a little time to fill up the depressions made by the weight of the body. Rolling over feels like one is rolling out of a sand ditch, especially if the memory foam adjustable mattress is too soft.

The air beds that come with the option to adjust firmness of the bed on either side of the bed are very comfortable as the air mattresses also conform to the shape of the body as well as do not form the depression from the weight of the body on the bed surface. Another advantage of an adjustable air mattress is the ability to control the firmness. A memory foam mattress cannot allow you to adjust the firmness and neither does a spring mattress. The adjustable air mattresses therefore also help to avoid back pains for the majority of the people.

It is no wonder that the adjustable air mattresses are becoming the mattresses of choice these days!

Everyday Air Mattress Bed Use

Ok, I think we can all concede that there are fantastic benefits to any of the air mattress beds discussed in previous posts. Who can argue with the added comfort these things provide on camping and hiking trips? Who wouldn’t rest easier on a long road trip in the family mini van or SUV with an air bed in the back? But what about every night at home? Are air beds suitable for everyday use?

It’s important to recognize here that there are air mattresses and then there are air mattresses. The temporary raised or double air mattress you subject your guests to or the Aerobed for kids you bring along when traveling is one thing. In the short term, these are great alternatives to sleeping on the hard floor or on a lumpy old couch that offers little to nothing in the way of back support. But, over the long term, they do leave something to be desired. For everyday use you should consider a permanent, high-end air mattress designed with that purpose in mind such as the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort.

Everyday air mattress beds have a great deal more in design, construction and comfort to offer over their convenient temporary cousins.

Unfortunately, they are also notably more expensive. That price tradeoff for full time use is, in my estimation, money well spent for several reasons.

A quality everyday air mattress is designed with a frame in mind which helps limit distortions due to weight distribution (think of a balloon in a box). This makes them decidedly friendlier to you tossing-and-turning types who’d otherwise roll off an ordinary air mattress.

In addition to better conformity, everyday air mattress beds also improve on comfort. From the more mundane but luxurious addition of mattress pads in any number of thicknesses to the more exotic features of independent firmness adjustment offered in Select Comfort’s Sleep Number models, everyday air mattresses definitely warrant the increased expense over their less ambitious cousins.

One final note I’ll expand on in my next post – multiple studies seem to support the finding that switching to an air mattress bed for your everyday use could result in dramatic improvements in sleep, quality of sleep and back pain relief.

If that doesn’t have you considering switching out that old spring torture device you’ve been enduring for years then you might just be a glutton for punishment.

Getting Into the Great Outdoors with a Truck Bed Air Mattress

There’s nothing like sleeping under the open sky with pinprick starlight flickering overhead and the fresh air full on your face. Other than bad weather, one of the obvious things that can ruin the experience is sleeping on hard ground. Even if you make the best of that through the use of an air mattress bed, some folks (me included) worry incessantly about bugs and critters. One of the more creative solutions to this problem is the ingenious truck bed air mattress.

What’s the difference between a truck air mattress and a regular air mattress bed?Designed to maximize available mattress coverage, air mattress beds for trucks are custom tailored to fit snugly in the bed of your truck or SUV while wrapping around the wheel wells. This H shape means maximum coverage and no wasted space. And, of course, sleeping comfortably on air beds for trucks means less likelihood of bugs, scorpions or snakes crawling into your sleeping bag with you at night.

Aside from the points already mentioned, what differentiates truck air beds from their conventional counterparts is that there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all option. As you shop for a truck air mattress bed, look for models designed specifically for your vehicle.

Where to buy truck air mattresses

This is one product you don’t want to bother running to the store to purchase. As already stated, air mattresses for trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various truck and SUV makes and models. To make your search as simple as possible, do your shopping online.

As we did with our reviews of kids air mattress beds, we’ll review at least two different brands of truck air mattresses including the well known Truck-Bedz and Airbedz models. Both are leaders in this particular niche. Check back over the next few days to read all about them.

In the meantime, plan your next vacation with open air sleeping on a truck bed air mattress in mind. It makes for a unique and wonderful way to experience the outdoors without suffering needless discomfort.

Introduction to Air Mattress Beds

Whether hiking, camping, roughing it in your SUV or hosting overnight guests, air mattresses have been coming to the rescue for years. The options available to consumers today are simply staggering and we’ll try to help you make sense of it all here at Air Mattress Beds Guide.

Your first objective in picking an air mattress is to decide on your need. Hikers will obviously want to find a reasonable compromise between the comfort air mattress beds afford, how easy they are to inflate and how compact it can be when deflated. Waterproofing and durability are additional concerns for outdoorsmen.

Compact size when deflated is less of a concern when the air mattress bed is designed with house guests in mind. In this case your concerns should focus mainly on comfort, size and ease of inflation. We’ll lay out some options in a subsequent post.

If your air mattress is meant for children, again, the comparative availability of storage space at home means you aren’t too concerned with how compact the bed will be when deflated and stored but kids come with their own set of concerns. Durability is definitely something to keep in mind. Kids will find air mattress beds to be an irresistible trampoline. If the children are particularly young, you should also consider waterproof vinyl designs.

Finally, the royalty of all air mattress beds are the full time beds we spend every night sleeping on. These models come in standard twin, full, queen and king sizes and portability is definitely not an option. As with a standard spring model mattress, standard use air mattress beds come in varying levels of quality, cost and comfort. They are even offered in dual-chamber designs allowing your partner to customize the firmness of their side without changing yours. A full time air mattress bed meant for everyday use might include features common to a standard mattress such as the upholstery layer or “comfort” layer.

From roughing it in the great outdoors to years of healthful sleep in your home, there’s an air mattress bed solution out there for you. Just know your needs in advance before you set off on a shopping trip.

Select Comfort and Sleep Number Beds

In my previous post on everyday air mattress beds I mentioned the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort. I’m not specifically advertising for Select Comfort or their product and only mentioned it because their commercial campaign has been so prolific that it is one of the more readily recognized air beds out there (even though many folks don’t realize it’s an air bed from the commercials).

Having disassociated myself as a paid advertiser for the product, I do want to give it more of a mention here simply because of my own experiences and the experiences of others I’ve interviewed. Please remember that I’ll only offer testimonials if I have personal experience to draw on or the experiences of trusted individuals who have their own personal experiences.

In the case of the Sleep Number bed, I can offer both.

First a bit about the Sleep Number bed by Select comfort. This mattress is an air filled bed with independent comfort chambers. It is offered in several models numbered 3000-9000 (as of this writing) and the company offers a variety of additional products including mattress pads and a build-your-own pillow option. What distinguishes the Sleep Number bed from offerings by many other companies, however, is the independently adjustable firmness. This means that a couple can independently adjust the firmness on their side of the bed without affecting the other side.

My personal experience with a Sleep Number bed was at a bed and breakfast near the Appalachian mountain range.  My wife (then girlfriend) and I enjoyed a romantic getaway which included such exciting events as hillbilly hospitality, entirely too much antiquing, the company of a drooling, flatulent bull dog and the best night of sleep I can remember having.

One could argue it was the mountain air, the escape from my daily grind or the miles of walking from one store full of old stuff to another, but none of that explains waking up without any of the stiffness and soreness I’m accustomed to at home. When I marveled at the quality of sleep I’d experienced, the proprietor smiled knowingly and explained I could thank Sleep Number for the experience. Over a plate of the best eggs and bacon I’d enjoyed in years, I pointed out she might want to let folks know in advance and direct them to the controllers which we’d spent the night completely oblivious of.

In addition to my own experience, a close friend and a colleague I work with both own Sleep Number beds and swear by them. After more than a year of ownership, they are each independently passionate about their beds. Says one, “If my bed could cook, take care of the kids and it weren’t illegal to marry inanimate objects, I’d divorce my wife tomorrow and get hitched to my Sleep Number.” The other, who has owned his Select Comfort bed for just over a year proclaimed, “It’s better than any other bed I’ve ever slept in or tested. Doesn’t feel at all like an air mattress or anything. Feels like a real bed with a super cozy pillow-top cover only better.”

Each of these owners professes better sleep, less aches and pains, better dreams, greater refreshment in the mornings and an overall improvement in their quality of life for no other reason than the purchase of a bed. That’s one heck of an endorsement.

Are other everyday air mattress models as good? I couldn’t say without having one for comparison but the Sleep Number bed isn’t the only air mattress bed with independent “coils” and a well researched and constructed framing system. Select Comfort has to share the limelight with other air mattress models when it comes to the potential for improving sleep quality and comfort because reasonable construction, a good mattress pad and the pressure point avoiding nature of air are what make these mattresses so good for you. They do get individual credit for their sleep number adjustment feature, though. It’s a system they are duly credited with perfecting.

Latex Or Memory Foam? Expert Opinion On What Mattres Is The Best

What is the best Mattress – A buying guide

People should pay more attention when it comes to their sleeping habits. Some don’t even know how important a good night’s sleep can be. It can affect your work, your physical and even your mental state. Because of that everyone should invest in a decent mattress, capable of providing the necessary comfort for your body and mind to rest properly through the night. Getting the right one could be a challenge though considering the few facts customers actually know about mattresses. We’ve put together a short guide based on some of the most common questions we have come across over time. Our well documented answers will hopefully get you through the difficult process of choosing the best mattress 2015. When is the right time to change the old mattress?

Most people who use old or inadequate mattresses have a tough time sleeping. They also wake up with back or neck pain. These are the main signs things are not right. You can also check for lumps or just shaggy looking patches. A mattress should be changed every 10 years or so. Even though it might sound soon considering most manufacturers recommend using their product for at least 15 years, remember that your health is at stake. After intensive research we decided the Sleep Innovations Sure

Temp Memory Foam Mattress is the way to go if you are looking for durability. Read the reviews for other significant details.

What size should you choose?

Make sure you have enough room to sleep any way you want. Being cramped up in strange positions because you don’t have enough leg room can ruin your posture and can also ruin your nights. All mattresses come in standards sizes. The king size and the California king are the biggest, measuring 76×80 inches and 72×84 inches. The queen sized bed measures 60×80, followed by the double which is 54×75 inches in size. The last and the smallest is the twin which measures 38×75 inches.

What type of mattress is best for you?

Common mattresses have an innerspring design which is the less expensive one. If you do want to go a bit further try memory foam. This innovative concept was designed for astronauts in order to lower g-forces. Memory foam is also heat-sensitive and can adapt to any type of person. There are many options when it comes to these mattresses but only a few provide the comfort you would expect from a more expensive product. We recommend the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress which is great value for money. For more information read the reviews below.

Should you test the mattress before you buy it?

All the best mattress reviews 2015 recommend you try out the product before investing in it. If you don’t have the chance of finding the exact product, try out a similar model made by the same brand. No matter how in depth our analysis is, there is no better way of knowing what is best for you until you give it a try.

What professionals recommend

Choosing the right mattress can be a difficult process. There are a lot of features to consider even though most people think it is all about size. Our experts have taken the time to test and analyze several mattresses in order to make your shopping experience a lot less complicated. After thorough investigation, they managed to come up with a list of five different products which can satisfy even the most demanding of customers.

This queen-sized mattress is one of the most comfortable on the market. The 12 inches of open cell memory foam folded into two separate layers and the SureTemp design make this one of the best mattresses 2015. The filling of the mattress is made in the US so you should expect it to be extra durable and very high quality. This is a great product to buy if you have posture problems. It has therapeutic purposes and it can actually help with back pain. It provides increased support and has the ability not to transfer pressure or motion from one part to another.

According to some mattress reviews in 2015, this product is one of the best you can buy. It offers incredible value for money and it provides a 10 year warranty. It has two separate layers which total 8 inches worth of memory foam. It will not change its shape because of pressure and it will not let you sink too deep because it is bad for your posture. It has no pressure points and it is CertiPUR-US certified. This is a low budget purchase considering how low the price tag is compared to others. The materials used for this mattress are durable and also very malleable in order to accommodate the shape of your body while you sleep.

This 10 inch thick mattress is one of the top mattresses 2015. It is one of the most durable on the market. It comes with excellent ventilation in order to keep odors away. It is certified by CertiPUR-US and it is built with the help of skillful chiropractors in order to offer the best overnight support for your back. The memory foam incorporated in this mattress is also designed to maintain a certain temperature. It comes with a hypoallergenic bamboo cover which is also resistant to dust mites. One last thing worth mentioning is the fact that it stays firm for many years after first using it.

This is on top of the best mattress 2015 list. It comes with 15-gouge pocket coils which are combined with the best polyester and foam you can find. This way you get maximum comfort and amazing back support. The independent coils will make sure the issue of equal weight distribution is forgotten. This mattress is easy to fit in your standard twin bed frame and it will maintain its firmness for a really long time. It will allow you to finally wake up without any back or neck pain.

This is the mattress which offers the best value for money. It comes with a 25 year warranty which is more than enough to be certain nothing will happen to this mattress. It is 10 inches thick out of which 25% memory foam and 75% polyurethane. It has very efficient way of keeping things soft but not so soft as to hurt your back. It is certified by CertiPUR-US and it comes with a great price tag. Besides improving the way you sleep, this mattress will also change the way you feel physically especially when it comes to the spine and neck area.

Why Purchase a Memory Foam Mattress?

It had been not that longago that I considered that my chronic lower backache was something I had been planning to have to dwell together with the rest of my life. I used to wakeup in the morning sore and rigid. I had been not in agonizing anguish, but simply experiencing a nagging quantity discomfort but never left me. It had beenn’t till I looked at the possibility of buying an orthopedic bed that I understood my back troubles could be not able to be fixed.

I did a fair little bit of research online in to the various kinds of heated mattress and foam mattresses which were accessible within my budget, and unearthed that for around $400 I possibly could buy a good quality bed that might be cozy and supporting to my figure. I examined some memory foam mattress opinions, specially including the Restonicis memory foam bed and chose to produce a purchase.

I happened on some memory foam mattress evaluations, and though I had been not specially proficient in this kind of merchandise, I decided to keep reading. I was very pleased that I did as these foam mattresses seem to be truly removing like an excellent product for victims of backpain. I was also quite pleased in the low cost of several of those mattresses, nevertheless, you do get what you pay for, and a few of the design and resources utilized are certainly revolutionary.

You will probably realize that you’re overwhelmed from the level of beds available. You can find polyurethane foam, latex, and the traditional spring coiled bed, a terrific item but I used to be searching for something fresh. The foam styles appealed in my experience since I possibly could make use of them on my active bed frame or level on the floor.

The nice quality mattresses are typical built in an identical wide with three distinctive varieties of foam layer together to make a bed that is loyal, resistant and incredibly cozy. The general layout entails a10 inch-thick thick memoryfoam area having a skinny poly coating on top, finishing in A3 1/2 inch thick viscoelastic foam top having a 5 pound density, a crucial minimum standard to find when investing in a mattress.

Actually I finally completed on one of the Bergad beds. Having been deploying it to get a month or two I can truthfully say that I’m surprised in the development my back seemingly have built. Sleeping is now a more satisfying idea without times spent putting and embracing get comfortable.

Having obtained a memory foam bedding, I can’t imagine the distinction it’s designed to my backpain. It’s truly impressive. I sleep more restfully, awaken feeling renewed and invigorated, with none of the morning hours stiffness that I applied to ensure. I’d probably recommend them.